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Oh wait, that’s how I laugh when I’m drunk”

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Anonymous: it was funny, you weren't being a jerk or rude, but hey, people on tumblr get offended by every single thing possible so don't you worry bout it and be happy *showers you in ice cream and pizza*


ninfina: I thought it was funny, what the hell?

Well it appears that some people don’t think that it’s funny :D

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Anonymous: I don't think you're a jerk :p chances are, that anon was probably the person who sent the ask in the first place. it would explain THEIR dickish words (fucking hypocrite), since perhaps the person feels a bit silly after having ignored all the "I'm not pewdiepie"s plastered on your blog?

That could be the case but idk :D I’m just trying to create something funny out of the “OMG Felix ily” messages I get but apparently, I’m not a funny person haha… But thank you :)

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Anonymous: I agree with the anon cus tbh it felt like u were being like Onision to your "fans" of this blog.

My “fans” ? I don’t see people who follow this blog as my fans but thank you for sharing your opinion.
As I said I won’t try to be funny about it anymore if that’s going to make you all happy..

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Anonymous: Part of having a blog dedicated to someone is getting confused with the actual person, just deal with it and don't be a jerk. I know it can be annoying but seriously that just reminded me of some asshole who know's they're good at something so they respond with some dickish comment. Don't be that person, because you're a really nice person.

I’ve always been nice to people who think that I’m pewdiepie. In fact, I get around 5 to 10 messages everyday and if they’re anonymous I delete them. If they’re not, I privately “politely” respond to them saying that I’m not Felix. As you probably saw when you were sending this message, I wrote “I’m not pewdiepie” even on my ask box. However, sometimes I think that I should be posting some of these messages so maybe some people could see it and realize that I’m not pewdiepie before sending me a message. And I’m not responding like that to be a jerk, I honestly try to make them funny by making gifs or finding reaction gifs online. Cause I think that they should be interesting, for me it’s better than writing “I’m not pewdiepie.”. If you don’t find that funny, than I’m sorry. I won’t ever post those stuff again if you and probably my other followers think that I’m being a ‘jerk’.

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cool-swordartanime-us: Pewds you should naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 as one of your game plays plz play it I bet you would be awesome at it cuz your a pro gamer so plz play it 😊



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#answered #people STILL don't get that I'm not felix
elliemillers: Congratulations on 10k Su!<3 xxxxxx

Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️

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